Candle of the Day

Daily, Candle of the Day and weekly Newsletter subscription

Father‑daughter team Frans and Christelle de Klerk send out a daily newsletter called Candle of the Day from Tuesday to Friday. In this newsletter, aimed at traders and medium- to long-term investors, Frans and Christelle analyse two shares and one unit trust every day highlighting potential targets and warning levels.

On Saturday, they circulate a weekly newsletter covering topics like the Top 40 index, the value of the Rand, an international share and/or index, the Dow Jones, and a local share and/or index. The Saturday newsletter also lists technical opportunities and threats on the local market for medium- to long-term investors.

The Candle of the Day and Newsletter is available in English or Afrikaans. As a subscriber, you may use Frans and Christelle as a sounding board for any technical entry and exit level when making your decision about a listed security.


The monthly subscription fee is R300, payable in advance. No contract is required and you may cancel your subscription at any time via email notification before the end of the month.


Candle of the Day Examples

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Newsletter Examples

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