Coca cola needs no introduction to anybody who has ever been thirsty. They are listed on the New York Stock exchange. Coca cola was first marked as a nerve tonic that relieves exhaustion. The first Coca-Cola products contained cocaine, about 9 milligrams per glass. It was removed from the drink in 1903. Only two countries in the world don’t sell Coca-Cola: North Korea and Cuba.  They reported a $7.5bn operating income in 2017.

  • The share started consolidating after the ugly waterfall formation (negative).
  • A consolidation after a sell off is seen as positive implying that the informed capital have started to nibble around current levels.
  • However, the share has to start consolidating above line A ($42-49) in order to sustain the rally to the upside.
  • For traders – Buy above line A but use $41-45 as stop loss to protect capital. The possible targets towards the top are $42-63, $42-89, $43, $43-56, $43-88, $44 and $44-10.
  • For medium to long term investors – If you want exposure to the share nibble above line A but use the same stop loss as given to traders above.

Dont hesitate to ask if anything is unclear.

Frans & Christelle de Klerk