Candle of the Day Subscription

For R370 per month (payable in advance) you receive every Tuesday until Friday a Candle of the Day via email in Afrikaans or English where we technically analyse two shares for CFD or short term equity traders. On a Saturday you receive a weekly Newsletter as well.

No, not at all, the Candle of the Day gives technical buy or sell levels for traders as well as the medium- to long term investor.

Yes, as part of the R370 Candle of the Day service you also receive a Newsletter on a Saturday where we technically analyse the top 40 index, the Rand, an international share/index, the Dow Jones and a local share/index. At the end of the Newsletter we highlight the technical opportunities and threats on the JSE for the medium- to long term investor.

Do our Introduction to Technical Analysis and the Financial Markets course HERE for free, or you can start by subscribing to the Candle of the Day where the graphs of listed instruments will be discussed and illustrated. You can also consider our trading school where we offer many courses.

Yes, if you want a technical opinion on a share to buy or sell you can email us and we will gladly share our views. As a subscriber you are allowed to ask for 5 other technical opinions per month.

Yes we do. We can give a technical opinion on any listed instrument on any exchange around the world.

Yes, for every payment you will receive an invoice which you can keep for your records. All invoices are payable on receipt and you should retain proof of payment in case it is asked for.

Please notify as before the end of the month via email so that we can ensure you don’t get billed for the following month.

Yes, you can decide whether you want to receive the writings in Afrikaans or English.

Contact us anytime for charges, platforms, live data and instrument options available to trade short term or long term.

You will have to complete an application form and submit FICA documentation to open an account at a registered FSP.

We will gladly assist you with the setup and training on how the different platforms are used.

Yes, we can suggest a couple of portfolio management companies with great results. Send us an email for more information.

Speculation Group Subscription

Yes, you can as long as you have access to a cell phone or pc.

Throughout the day you will receive our technical opinion on the ALSI (the tradeable instrument for the top 40 index) through “Thoughts on the alsi” via email. An official signal via sms is sent when a long or short opportunity is called.

The Speculation Group also receives the trading ideas on CFD’s, the Rand, S&P mini and maize contracts.

The main focus of the group is to learn how to trade and read technical indicators on the top 40 index.

The Speculation Group is a limited group of individuals that can contact Frans or Christelle directly on hangouts with any technical question.

Yes, very risky. 1 point movement on the ALSI is R10 if you trade at a direct access broker. Meaning 100 points against you in the position equals a R1000 for every alsi contract you have. You need to be very careful.

Yes, it is called the almi. If you trade at a direct access broker and 1 point movement in the instrument is equal to R1. If you are new to trading we will start with the almi first.